What theteller is

Many Merchants and Service Providers today are exposing and migrating their “brick and mortar” mode of business to the new age of the digital. New trends suggest that more users prefer to purchase stuff online rather than the conventional way. Especially when access to electronic cash has been introduced in very convenient modes to facilitate every kind of payment.

theteller is a payment platform solution every online merchant need. Introducing a real-time payment integration service, theteller enables merchants facilitate and process online payments faster with lots of payment options to choose from through their preferred channels.

Whether it’s in-app or in-store services, theteller ensures a complete end-to-end API integration service for seamless and secure flow between merchants and their customers during “purchase and pay” experience. theteller has a complete package that comes with a flexible payment gateway, merchant portal and fraud modules that ensure comfort and security is assured to both merchants and customers during transacting.

theteller presents an all-in-one payment channel experience where customers can pay from both local and international cards i.e. mastercard, visa etc. as well as mobile money services tapped from all available networks across the country.

With theteller, you can have:

  • • International and local cards processing support

  • • Standalone pluggable components

  • • Ease of merchant integration

  • • Ease of 3rd party solution integration

  • • Recurring payments

  • • Multi-currency support

  • • Cross platforms compatibility

  • • Customized / Hosted checkout integrations

  • • Internet banking and loyalty programs integrations